Presentation slides

Daisuke Jido - The eta' mesonic state and partial restoration of chiral symmetry in nuclear medium

Ulugbek Yakhshiev - Hadron properties at finite density

Kiseok Choi - Electroweak structures of light and strange baryons

Youngman Kim - Holographic equation of state and compact stars

Sungtae Cho - Multiquark hadrons from heavy ion collisions

Chong Kim - Forward RPC upgrade at PHENIX

Seung-il Nam - Nonlocal effects in quark distribution and fragmentation

Stephen Lars Olsen - Observation of charged bottomonium-like states

Shung-Ichi Ando - Effective range corrections from effective field theory with di-baryon fields and perturbative pions

Ghil-Seok Yang - Dependence of the decay width for exotic pentaquark theta+ on its mass and the mass of N* in a chiral soliton model

Suk Choi - Two freeze-out model for the hadrons produced in the relativistic heavy-ion collisions

Hirotsugu Fujii - The phase diagram from chiral random matrix model

Nino Bratovic - The QCD phase diagram in the PNJL model

Youngshin Kwon - In-medium eta' mass reduction

Kyungil Kim - Studying strong interactions at densites